How Batte Box Started?

I had an idea of starting my own eCommerce company form a long time but i didn't have time or money to execute my plan. So after working as a sales person in different companies i got to know about lot of things how company's work and lot more. And one day when i was going to my sales meet while traveling i taught OK now its time to do something to make our future good and make others future good too. So then i started learning more about eCommerce platform and then i started creating website and adding products on it. But at the start it was very tough to handle it all alone and day by day it was going good they were so many negative comments on my company that "Your company wont last long" and so many negative comments people told me. But I dint lose hope i was continuing doing was i was to and now BATTE BOX is the name which 40% of Bengaluru people remember us. So we will continue doing what we is gonna to best to people

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